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Bill Bronchicks Secrets of a Real Estate Lawyer
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Bill Bronchicks Secrets of a Real Estate Lawyer

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Are you drowning in the sea of paperwork involved in real estate transactions? Are you sick of sending your hard-earned cash on a one-way trip to your lawyer's office? Are you ready to start filling in the gaps and important legal issues that so-called "gurus" leave out of their courses? Are you interested in saving a fortune by doing some of the simple legal paperwork that real estate attorneys have had a monopoly on? Then, my friend, you need to learn...

"Secrets of a Real Estate Lawyer"

Workbook + Six Audio CD's + Two DVD's,
plus the ultimate collection of state-specific
legal forms on CD-ROM!

"Your software is awesome.... with the notebook in hand I walked through the contract, escrow, disclosure, etc."
-- Carol Kostic, FL


This one of a kind course, "Secrets of a Real Estate Lawyer" will open your eyes to money-making possibilities you never imagined. Whether you are just getting started or are a 30-year real estate veteran, you' ll acquire a wealth of information from this course. I have 14 years experience and have successfully completed more than 800 deals as a real estate investor and attorney. I will distill my experience into this course so it won't take you 13 years, 700 deals and a law degree to learn it!


The more tools you have in your toolbox, the more financial opportunities you will recognize and benefit from. It's as simple as that! Most investors walk right past profitable deals all day long because they don't understand how to solve legal problems. Real estate agents, title companies and bankers will tell you a deal cannot work because even they don't have the knowledge that you will acquire in this power-packed home study course.


You know this, but how do you acquire the knowledge? The most successful investors have the most knowledge. The faster you can learn the ropes, the faster you can start enjoying the massive financial success you and your family deserve!

Of course, the opposite is equally true: if you make a crucial mistake, you can lose your shirt! I will show you how to avoid those expensive mistakes by using the insider secrets of real estate millionaires. I will save you thousands of dollars by avoiding the mistakes other investors make!

In this exclusive training package, you will learn powerful information that other lawyers don't want you to know, and important legal issues that other "gurus" left out of their courses:
  • How to fire your lawyer and draft your own deeds, contracts, notes and mortgages. I show you how to save both time and money doing it yourself.
  • Understanding various laws that can cost you thousands in fines for things you didn't know! For a lot of investors, they don't even known what they don't know - this course will open your eyes to things your never thought about before.
  • How to wrangle around a seller's bankruptcy in a real estate transaction. Most investors aren't sure how to deal with a bankruptcy. This course will explain the different types of bankruptcy proceedings and how they may affect your real estate transactions. I explain both the legal and practical sides of the equation.
  • How to save money by doing your own title searches - 99 out of 100 investors don't know how to do one, much less read a title report. You'll learn how to work the public records and how to read a title report.
  • The 20 essential contract clauses your realtor left out of your contract. Having your own "pet" contract is good, but real estate agents generally want to write up offers on their own forms. I will show you how to take an ordinary "real estate agent" contract and bend it to your favor, whether you are buying or selling.
  • How to deal with a divorce or estate in a real estate transaction. Many investors, quite frankly, screw this one up! You have to know the potential legal pitfalls involved in dealing with a divorce, particularly in community property state like Texas and California! You have to know who to deal with when there is an estate involved.
  • How to save up to 90% on title insurance . . . guaranteed! This one idea will save you more than you can imagine, IF you know the right questions to ask.
  • How to deal with the "due on sale" clause of a mortgage. I explain all of the legal and practical issues involved so you have the facts straight.
  • Complicated foreclosure issues explained in "plain English". I explain the entire process of foreclosure and the pitfalls and opportunities involved.
  • How to free up thousands of dollars in cash by substituting and subordinating collateral. These two techniques will make you thousands of dollars and give you huge leverage over your real estate deals. These sophisticated techniques are known to less than 1% of all real estate investors (and real estate agents).
  • How to spot thousands of dollars in hidden fees on a lender's closing statement. I review the HUD-1 form in plain English so you can understand what is going on. I teach you how to spot lender ripoffs and title company mistakes.
  • Understanding liens and how to release them . . . at a discount. This technique will save you tens of thousands of dollars if you know how to use it!
  • How to do your own closing without a title company or lawyer. There are many opportunities to get a seller to deed you the property over the kitchen table - will you be ready?
  • How to confidently handle legal issues with lawyers, real estate agents and title companies. Title company employees and real estate agents routinely hand out wrong information. Attorneys try to bully you around by claiming to be the "experts." I will arm you will the knowledge to fight back!
And much, much more!

You will receive a computer CD-ROM with over 100 state-specific legal forms you can edit and print for just pennies a copy! If you ask a lawyer to draw up just one of these forms, he could easily charge you $500 or more. These valuable forms alone are worth triple the price of the course, but you get them for FREE! Many of these forms are state-specific, so you don' t need to pay an attorney thousands of dollars to adapt them to your state. They are ready to go! Just fill in the blanks!

Your Price: $497.00