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Bill Glazer Renegade Millionaire System
Your Price: $1,797.00

Bill Glazer Renegade Millionaire System

Product Number: 18

Description: This is what you will receive in Bill's package:

  • 24 audiotapes of Lee Milteer interviewing Dan Kennedy
  • The same content on 12 CDs
  • Desk reference manual that has notes that track the tapes with Dan's 17 Mega Strategies in this manual along with what Dan calls the 28 core competencies that Renegade Millionaires do. Not what they think...what they do. This allows you to measure yourself against these core competencies to see how you stack up.
  • There are also 28 exercises that are intended to be completed one a week, for 24 weeks. So this becomes a 6 month course in the way you conduct your business in order to achieve autonomy.
  • Then there's an Archive Book of mostly Dan's out of print stuff. Like million dollar sales letters and programs that Dan has developed for himself and others.
  • Bonus DVD of Dan multi-million dollar Magnetic Marketing presentation.
  • Certificate for a copy of Dan's autobiography that will be published shortly
The tapes and CDs are organized into 6 modules as follows:

Module 1: Entrepreneurial Strategies

  • Mini interviews with Renegade Millionaires
  • Five leverage points for Radical Change in Business
  • How Renegade Millionaires Create Extreme Marketplace Advantage
  • How Renegade Millionaires Profit from Strategic Alliances
  • Mistake To Avoid
Module 2: Advertising Promotion & Sales Strategies
  • The Secret of Self Promotion (vs. Business Promotion)
  • Profit from Expert Positioning
  • Secrets of Million Dollar Sales Presentations
Module 3: Marketing Strategies
  • How Renegade Millionaires Use Direct-Response Marketing Differently
  • Dan Kennedy's most powerful Wealth Creation Strategy - Membership Marketing
  • Success in the New 'Permission Required' Marketing Environment
Module 4: Money Strategies
  • What Renegade Millionaires know about being broke and being rich that you do not know
  • What Renegade millionaires know and do differently about price
  • The Entrepreneurs #1 Money Priority
Module 5: Self-Management & Personal Achievement
  • How Renegade Millionaires Make Practical Use Of A Personal Belief System
  • How Renegade Millionaires manage time differently - Radically Differently!
  • How Renegade Millionaires manage failure
  • Secrets of Accelerated Accomplishment
Module 6: Autonomy - Living Life on Your Term
  • The Ultimate Life Choice Renegade Millionaires Make
  • How Renegade Millionaires Establish And Enforce Boundaries
  • The Renegade Millionaire Acid Test For Who They Associate With
  • PERSONAL QUESTIONS with Dan Kennedy
The first 27 people who invest will get these 3 additional bonuses:
  • The 6 CD collection of Dan Kennedy's Brass Balls marketing presentation
  • The 6 CD collection of Dan Kennedy's Platinum meeting And
  • The CD of Dan Kennedy with two top Renegade Millionaire online marketers.
This system also comes with a money back guarantee.

Our guarantee is quite simple.

If this isn't the most provocative, thought provoking, challenging, motivating and practical, strategy filled 'success product' of any kind you've ever invested in...and you find it disappointing in any way...you can return it in its entirety anytime within 6 months - yes, 6 full months - for a full immediate refund of every penny you invested. It's even easy to ship back as everything fits neatly into a briefcase style box that the System is shipped in.

Your Price: $1,797.00