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Cameron Dunlaps Find the Seller

Item Number: 21

Description: Included in this package:
  • 100 searches from Find The Seller.com with no expiration.
  • My course Vacant House Gold which is a hands off system for wholesaling houses you've never personally seen.
  • A one year membership in my "Inner Circle" with a whole host of benefits including twice monthly conference calls.
  • Privileges as an affiliate with 30% commission on all the business the customer refers to us.
"Vacant House Gold" is a step-by-step system for every Real Estate Investor to use in their business. In fact, it's designed so that you really don't have to do anything but delegate a few simple tasks. It will become another profit center within your day to day business and is designed to be done on auto-pilot.

Or, if you prefer to do the steps yourself, you'll kick butt making only part time commitment of your time. It's so simple and easy. Just follow step 1, step 2...

You'll learn fool proof ways to

  1. Locate the vacant houses in your market, ugly or pretty.
  2. Find the seller, in most cases using our skip trace service because it's so fast, simple and cheap, you'd be crazy not to.
  3. Negotiate the deal.
  4. Fill out the contract.
  5. Close the deal.
  6. Get your check. STEP-BY-STEP.

The best part is that Vacant House Gold is designed to create steady cash flow, not equity. It's not about holding houses in any way. You walk away with ALL your money in a matter of days, and in most cases, without ever taking possession. You're in, your out, you get a check, and then, you do it again, and again, and again...

There are no Lenders, Contractors, Land Trusts, Closings, Title Companies or Attorneys to deal with ever. There are only 2 agreements to use and they're simplest in the business. And most of the seller contact is done by phone or email, not in person! Talk about eliminating the work! This is as simple as it gets.

You get a manual packed with info, examples, and more. And there's a 6 CD recording of a live presentation I did in front of a big crowd with lots of in depth explanation and the Q & A that goes along with it. The sound quality is excellent too.

If you're familiar with my teaching style, then you know I cut right to the chase and leave out the fluff. You also know I have a knack for explaining things in a way that makes it very easy to comprehend and recall.

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