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Dan Dorans Door To Door Marketing Home Study Program

Item Number: 29

Description: Get Tons of Deeds Using Door to Door Marketing in the Pre-foreclosure Niche Without Ever Knocking a Single Door Yourself
By Dan Doran the Marketing Man

Equity is great, if you can afford it. On your way to building your real estate empire you need cash flow now. Equity is cash flow in the future. The fastest way to the most cash flow now is in the Pre-foreclosure business. And the most effective marketing medium for that is to send others out to knock doors of those in Pre-foreclosure.

This "turn-key" program puts the most effective marketing for Pre-foreclosures on auto-pilot so you don't have to do anything except talk to the motivated sellers that your researchers (those that knock doors for you) find for you. You listen to the program once, then let Dan do all the training from there. He'll train your assistant to advertise, hire and manage the researchers. He'll train the researchers to find the motivated sellers for you. All that's left for you is to go get the deeds and turn them into cash.

Question: You teach us not to knock the doors ourselves but to hire others (called researchers) to do it for us. Does this really work?
Answer: Jim Sullivan, a super busy real estate coach and master investor who owns over 100 properties says it's the...

"Best Information I've Found In Years"
"In just 2 months with only 2 part-time researchers I've done 3 deals and made $110,000. It's the best real estate investing information I've found in years."

Jim Sullivan, Orlando, FL

Question: But does it really work? Even for the average investor, not just the superstars?
Answer: Dan's client and fellow investor/speaker Paul Wells recently invited Dan to speak in his home-town. He said Dan could talk about any marketing method he desired except for door-to-door. Dan asked "why" and he said that door-to-door works too well and he didn't want anyone in his area learning it.

The Truth About Door-to-Door
"Dan's methods are so effective that I begged him not to teach them in my market."
Paul Wells, CO Speaker/Investor/ Author

Question: Is it really possible to make big money in Pre-foreclosure?
Answer: Here's a couple of samples of what you can make...

"Over $100,000 on One Deal"
"Our door knocking is finally paying off. Just a few months after my first exposure and we just cashed a deal with over $100,000 in equity. It's a lot of work to set this thing up, but it's definitely worth it. If you're in this business and you're not doing door-to-door you're crazy."
Dan Gillogly, Chicago, IL

"$111,000 on One Deal"
"Dan, I just cashed my biggest single payday ever. $111,000 on a single deal and of course we got it with a researcher trained by your door-to-door course. Thanks."
Richard King, Oklahoma City, OK

Question: You teach to hire others to knock the doors for me. Do they need any special skills?
Answer: Here is what a 19 year old former waitress with no sales experience says...

"My First Door - a Deal"
"The door-to-door training program is great. I was scared at first, but by the end of the training I felt confident. The very first door I went to, we got the deed! We're currently working on a short sale and the equity should be over $40,000. Thanks Dan, your home study course gave me the confidence to try."
Leah Person, Everett, Washington

Question: Some courses promise a lot then deliver little. Will you really teach me what I need to make it work?
Answer: A promoter friend of Dan's had him on their teleconference calls several times. Then the promoter decided to give it a try himself.

"Promoter Confesses: Most Complete Training in the Industry"
"...You teach them everything: what to say, how to say it, where to stand, how to plan their route, how to mentally prepare...it's incredible. This is the most thorough, complete training in the real estate industry. We just hired three researchers and they're already getting great results."
Richard Oddesey, Atlanta GA, Inv Wealth

Question: Are you sure it works everywhere, even in Hot Markets?
Answer: San Diego and Miami have been two of the hottest markets in the last few years...

"Hard to Find, Easy to Sell"
"Dan, our first researcher deal took a while, but we sold it in 2 days for $24,000 more than we were asking."
Rogie Robinson, San Diego, CA

"No More Reinventing the Wheel"
"Last year I got off track and did lumpy mail, etc. I'm back to what works best...a team of hard working researchers going door-to-door."
Henry Benito, Miami, FL

Let Dan Hire and Train all Your People Forever
This home study course will put you on the fast track to hiring others to knock doors for you. If you had 5, 10 even 20 deeds per month, imagine how much money you could make.

The only difference between you and the testimonials above is they took action. So take action now and get your cash flowing.


Course Includes:
  • Module One "Training the Business Owner"
  • Module Two "Training the Manager"
  • Module Three "Training the Researcher"
  • Outsource Special Pack
  • 4 extra sets of Module Three, "Training the Researcher", so you can out source this thing ASAP and maximize your leverage.
What You Will Learn:
  • Where to stand at the door
  • How to pay
  • How much to pay
  • When to hire a manager
  • How to hire a manager
  • Magic words to literally create interest at the door
  • How to overcome any objection
  • How to overcome the top 5 objections in record time
  • Super secret to hiring (that huge sales companies would love to know)
  • Secret method of getting telephone numbers that NEVER FAILS
  • How to put your entire marketing program on autopilot so you can play golf
  • How to create more leads than you can handle.
  • Much, much more
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FREE BONUS #1: Thirteen Week Implementation with Dan

Did you ever buy an information product and never use it? Not this time. Dan will follow up with you each week for 13 weeks straight to ensure you get your door-to-door marketing program implemented and creating tons of cash flow.

FREE BONUS #2: Seven Bonus Coaching Calls

These calls address the most critical questions that come up as you begin to implement your marketing. These originally retailed for over $400 and are yours free.

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