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Does that sound like a good definition of the person you'd like to become? Well, get ready because we're ready to hand you the keys that can unlock your future and open the gates that currently have you trapped. These keys will also pemanently open the doorway to personal prosperity.  We're really glad you are dropped by today and that you are looking for some additional information about the Financial Freedom Network.  Having all the facts in hand is only way to make any good, well-informed decision - especially a life changing one and becoming part of the Financial Freedom Network is indeed, just that, a life changing experience.

Be forewarned, if you have ever taken a vow of poverty or dreamed of ending up in the poor house, becoming a member of the Financial Freedom Network will mean that you'll have to throw away those objectives and give up those nightmares.  They will soon be permanently replaced with the crystal clear vision of yourself with a completely secure financial future and with all your needs and those of your family totally handled while you happily enjoy all the great things that your new life has to offer.

So, let's get started.  The rest of this page features some of the key benefits that come with being a member of the Financial Freedom Network.  After you've reviewed this list, just click the link at the bottom to read what Ron LeGrand (one of FFN's Founding Partners) has to say about what FFN Membership will mean to you. It's also an invitation to join us and make the one decision that can (and will) change the rest of your life. You can decide today to become one of the current and future millionaries who make up the Financial Freedom Network.  We'll see you at the summit!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Great Benefits
of Membership in the Financial Freedom Network

Two Custom
Websites For
Buying and
Selling Houses
In this increasingly all-digital world, prospective buyers and sellers are more and more frequently looking first (or in many cases - only) to the Internet for their initial information. It's just not enough to expect word of mouth, a few business cards and a few classified advertisements to attract buyers and sellers these days. In order to compete, you've got to be online and out there. That's why we start you off on your road to success with TWO Custom Websites built, pre-filled with ready to edit content, delivered and hosted for you in a secure, industry leading data center environment.

One site is just for buying houses and the other is tailor-made for selling. In addition, we've also created an amazingly powerful "Member's Only" administration, management and  information delivery area where you can easily edit your websites, communicate with FFN's Leaders and other members, create amortization schedules, make and track extra principal payments on your loans, list properties on our nationwide network, create and manage marketing programs and numerous other valuable tools. There are also lots of free reports for buying and selling houses, virtually every form and agreement you'll ever need and a massive encyclopedia of training materials.

You also get a support team that is ready and willing to help you with anything you need from 8:30 AM until Midnight (EST). You can add, edit and delete information, photos, forms or other data on your own using the amazingly simple tools we provide or yiu can focus on growing your business and hire our team to do it for you "dirt-cheap". In short, you can easily get started running your business using these two websites and as you grow, they will grow with you.

Your sites will be set up in minutes after you become an FFN member.  To get started, just click [ HERE ] and complete the simple information profile and you'll be up and running quickly. Then we'll teach you how to maximize your sites to turn them into a 24 hour silent money machine to automatically collect buyers and sellers and a host of other revenue streams that you can use your websites to create.

Just to make sure you get up and running immediately, one of our VIP services staff will call you and personally walk you through logging on to your website management area and show you where to find the important sections so you can see (and manage) the massive content you get on these sites. You'll be shocked and delighted with what we have provided and how easy it is to add content and manage your online information machine. 

One of our members has this to say about their FFN Websites ...

The websites FFN has provided for us are amazingly powerful, yet also very easy to use. I know we are just scratching the surface of what they can do for us, but I am sure happy with the results so far. Last Saturday I put a house up on my website and that afternoon, someone contacted me about it after seeing it online. Guess what? They are moving in NEXT WEEK. All I can say is thanks and I'll be an FFN-er forever. It's the best thing I've ever been part of!

Paul D., Scottsdale, AZ  

To read more about what other FFN members say about their FFN Websites, click [ HERE ]!

FREE Summits
Four times a year, Dennis & Tim (accompanied by a substantial contingent of FFN's support, technical and administrative staff) travel to the four corners of the United States to take FFN's message of knowledge and support out to our members. This networking, training and relationship building experience could easily become more valuable to you than any other benefit. These events are ABSOLUTELY FREE and our stage at these events is a SALES FREE ZONE for the whole two days that Dennis and Tim are delivering their knowledge. What this means is that instead of being offered constant sales messages for two days, you'll be filled with information for two days. If you come to learn - you'll leave ready to earn.

Tim usually opens the summits with a complete technology update. Then Dennis takes the main stage. At that point, the members suggest topics they want to be covered. These subjects frequently encompass issues such as finding private lenders, locating buyers, seller financing, general marketing, getting deeds, land trusts, deal structuring and many, many others. After each suggestion has been heard and posted on the wall, the entire group votes for the topics that most interest them. Then a ranking of the issues is created. That ranked list is what Dennis works from for the rest of the two days, covering as many topics in-depth as possible.

This topic coverage is also mixed in with "hot seat" sessions where FFN members come to the stage and ROLE PLAY with Dennis. That's always a hit. We also make multiple LIVE CALLS TO SELLERS when members bring possible deals to the summit and Dennis and the student actually call the sellers together while the rest of the room listens in on the call. An additional feature of each summit is that during each day, all attending FFN Members have the opportunity to enjoy a ONE-ON-ONE TECH SESSION with Tim or one of his technical staffers who are there to help our members further develop their websites and web marketing programs. All in all, it's a whirlwind two day information bonanza and easily one of FFN's most popular features.

Just to add even more "sizzle" to our summits, we've also added two optional sessions surrounding each one. The first is our Connections Dinner. Tim & Dennis have been known to enjoy a fine meal from time to time and really enjoy sharing a great evening with FFN's members in a more intimate setting. So, the night before each Summit begins, they join the members who want to take advantage of this unique opportunity at dinner in a fine local restaurant. There is always fantastic food, fine wine and great conversations. Friendships and long-lasting relationships are often forged at these sessions, which are always well-attended and long-remembered by all who attend.

The second optional session is a Bonus Training Event that happens following the end of the last session of the actual summit on the second day. In the past those special Bonus Training Events have featured industry leaders like Richard Roop, Dan Doran, Kark Klee, Ben Pargman, Jayme Kahla, Jason Loecks and others. These experts offer their unique insight for free and then usually have a special offer to extend only to the attendees of that summit.

You may choose to only attend the FFN Quarterly Summit in your region or (like many of our members do) you may attend all four. They are all FREE and you are very welcome and encouraged to attend them all. We post the schedule in advance to allow you to make your travel plans. This is your chance to share your growth with others and give back to those who come after you when the student turns teacher. Many new income streams and ideas for fast and explosive growth are developed during these events. The FFN Quarterly Summits are an unparalleled brain trust you just can't find anywhere else.

One of our members has this to say about our Quarterly Summits ...

This Summit was truly an experience I won't ever forget. We covered all of the topics that have been kind of hindering me from moving forward. Procrastination and being unorganized are my biggest problems. We broke down every topic almost to its fullest potential, which is rare at a seminar or Summit. Most of the time, you don't get a chance to speak, but at this Summit we were able to have as much input as we wanted. I am truly grateful for the information and plan to be financially set in a "very" short period of time.

Michael C., Covington, GA  

To read more about what other FFN members say about our Quarterly Summits, click [ HERE ]!

Every month, each of FFN's founding members, our Resident Guru, Ron LeGrand, FFN's President, Dennis Quattlebaum and our Technical Grand Master, Tim Yandell sits down with pen in hand and creates a special "lesson" just for FFN members. It's delivered to the password-protected, "Members Only" area of your Intranet and it's also published in our Monthly Newsletter that's hand-delivered to you by the U.S. Postal Service each month.

This inside information is obviously for members only and not for sale anywhere else. Each month, they write from the heart with ways to improve your business, avoid mistakes and quantum leap your cash flow. You'll want to print out and save every issue to build your own priceless library of million dollar ideas. Any one issue could contain that one idea that could make you an extra fifty grand or even more.

One of our members has this to say about their Monthly Newsletter ...

The monthly FFN newsletter and the audio CD are like getting a great present! I look forward to the mail around the end of each month in the hope that it's "newsletter day".

Michael L., Lake Ronkonkama, NY  

To read more about what other FFN members say about their monthly newsletter, click [ HERE ]!

Our Dealmaker's Hotline - delivered via e-mail is a great source of expert information where you can ask our real estate professionals real estate questions five days a week - 24 hours a day and get a prompt reply. It's your lifeline and support link for all those puzzling questions that just have you stumped or for basic guidance as you consider a deal or prepare to meet with a seller or buyer.

This hotline is monitored only by qualified professionals from Real Mentor (FFN's Real Estate Coaching Program). They will provide you with the best information possible because they are all VERY successful real estate entrepreneurs themselves.

This hotline service will help you through tough deals, answer hard questions and probably help you save some deals that might slip away without this valuable and timely support tool. For that reason there's no way to put a value on it, but needless to say it'll justify your whole membership cost and it's always available for as long as you're an FFN member.

One of our members has this to say about FFN's E-Mail Hotline ...

Wow! I can't thank your hotline team enough. Guiding me to the correct form - not the one *I* wanted to use - and explaining why it was necessary probably saved my bacon big time! You guys are the best. Thanks!

Andi N., Champaign, IL  

Every Tuesday at NOON (EST) it's Open Line Tuesday at FFN (unless Christmas or New Year's Day is on a Tuesday). That means that one of FFN's most highly acclaimed membership benefits is once again "On The Air". These ninety minute calls are moderated on all but the last Tuesday of each month (that's Technology Tuesday - see below) by FFN's President and one of FFN's three Founding Partners, Dennis Quattlebaum.

On these calls, nothing is off topic and nothing is out of bounds. It's like have a customized information pipeline connected directly to your head. Dennis fields questions, one by one, from members without rehearsal or preparation (other than his lifetime of successful experience). The schedule for these calls (as well as the rest of our 7-9 calls each month) is always posted in advance on your password-protected Intranet as well as on the calendar in your monthly newsletter and you will always receive a fax, email and voice broadcast reminder on Mondays, just to make sure you don't miss these amazing information exchanges.

One of our members has this to say about Open Line Tuesday ...

After just the first Open Line Tuesday call with Dennis, I knew I would be a lifetime member. He just sits there and patiently answers question after question. It's amazing and I always learn something important. 

Stephen W., Salt Lake City, UT  

To read more about other FFN members say about Open Line Tuesday, click [ HERE ]!

Ten Minutes
(1 on 1)
With An Expert
This is a monthly "happening" where we block out several hours for you to call Ron LeGrand and / or some of his most successful, hand chosen upper level students for 10-minute conversations on anything you wish. There are always several experts to pick from with individual phone numbers for each one and other information such as where they live and bit about each one. You can try to get through to Ron or call in to someone close to you or whose expertise might make them best able to help you through a puzzling issue. You may call as many as you can reach throughout the call in period. Of course the schedule will be posted on your intranet site well in advance and included in our monthly printed calendar so you can get these vital events on your schedule.

One of our members has this to say about 10 Minutes (1 On 1) ...

On last week's 10 Minute Expert Call, I got my problem handled in 5 minutes. I was confused (surprise), but Richard squared me away in minutes. FFN is great - thanks for providing this for all of us.

Hank F., Downingtown, PA  

Q & A With Ron LeGrand
FFN works very hard to make sure you are regularly supplied with a healthy dose of information and expertise from one of the indistry's most experienced teachers and most successful personal investors, Ron LeGrand. This is another opportunity to get another round of "more Ron". This is a call-in session where Ron LeGrand answers our member's questions LIVE and you and relays hot tips for a solid 90 minutes. When we open the lines for questions to all FFN Members, you can quiz Ron about the tips he's offered; ask spin off questions or simply ask about whatever's on your mind.

There's just nobody else like Ron for "cutting to the chase" and this special block of time with Ron is an amazingly valuable part of your FFN Membership asset and could easily mean the difference between success and failure on that tough deal you're working on. Can you imagine what your business will look like with Ron LeGrand as your personal hotline via these calls?

One of our members has this to say about Q & A With Ron ...

There is no better real estate education in the world than the Ron LeGrand organization. FFN is, as part of this organization, the world’s best coaching operation. I cannot imagine a better leader for FFN than Dennis or a better tech guru than Tim. Thanks to both of them.

Beth & William H., Hazelwood, MO  

To read more about what other FFN members say about Q & A With Ron, click [ HERE ]!

Monthly Expert
Hot Seat
Once each month, FFN gives our members the opportunity to participate in what is truly a once in a lifetime experience. These events are usually talked about for a long time - or at least until the next month's Hot Seat call. Here's what happens. Our staff spends many hours each month contacting some of the most interesting people inside (and sometimes outside) our industry as possible Hot Seat participants. Then, Ron, Dennis & Tim (or some combination of that team) get on a conference call with them for what is always a lively 90 minutes.

These exciting interviews are only with the best of the best, the most famous, the richest and the biggest players in the world. In the past, these sessions have included such luminaries as George Ross (Donald Trump's Right Hand Man), Sara Blakely (founder of SPANX) and Michael Gerber (Author of the Best-Selling Book, "The E-Myth") along with countless other superstars.

You can be a fly on the wall and listen in. These calls are always recorded and all the past calls are available in the archives of your intranet. You can listen online or, burn to a CD in any format you prefer. There is an archived call for every month since August '03 available to you right now. Only our Platinum members have access to these past calls. Most of them end with a Question and Answer session where you can also quiz the expert guests. Imagine the opportunity to pose a question to George Ross, or discuss business-building strategies with Sara Blakely or discussing some of life's big issues with Mark Victor Hansen, author of the best-selling, "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series.

One of our members has this to say about FFN's Expert Hot Seat ...

I actually got to ask George Ross (Donald Trump's right hand man) a question on the last expert call. What a treat. I can't believe the people you guys are able to snare for these calls.

Charlie J., Seattle, WA  

Tim's Tech Tips
Tim's Tech Tips, published monthly, is created by FFN Founding Partner and President of inetUSA, Tim Yandell. He serves up the latest technology updates in each month's FFN Newsletter and this info is also published electronically in your intranet. In these insightful columns, Tim usually answers a hot technical question; explains some new feature that his talented staff of developers have recently added to our member's websites; delivers some in-depth training on a technical issue; or simply offers up his unique perspective on life in the technology "fast lane".

On the last Tuesday of each month, Tim takes over from Dennis and moderates FFN's Open Line Tuesday call, making it a "Technology Tuesday". During each of these special days, Tim takes any question our members have regarding technology - whether they are about our member's websites or technology in general. Tim qualifies as an expert based on his 20+ years of industry experience as well as his vast (and very current) technical knowledge. You'll need to mark your calendar and make sure you don't miss this monthly blast of technical "insider info".

One of our members has this to say about Tim's Tech Tips ...

On the website side of FFN, Tim is fantastic. He helped set up or correct issues I had on my sites. He also taught me more about utilizing my site to:

    a. Make more money, more than enough to pay 10 times my FFN membership dues
    b. Drive more traffic to my sites
    c. How to customize my site specific to me.

Chris W., Springfield, VA  

To read more about what other FFN members say about Tim's Tech Tips, click [ HERE ]!

FFN's Annual
Member's Only
Our members like to refer to these cruises as "laid back learning". This is where our members and our staff board a cruise ship and set sail for a week of learning, fun and unforgettable experiences. Together we are building a worldwide family of achievers.

While the actual cost of the cruise itself (the charge from the cruise line) is not covered by your membership, all of the training and networking events on this 7 day cruise are ABSOLUTELY FREE. This event is the highlight of their year for many of our members and we always call it the trip of a lifetime.

In addition to numerous intimate, small group training sessions with Ron, Dennis & Tim as well as a great team of guest experts, we also provide member's only shore excursions in each port of call and events on the ship for members only as well. In the past, our folks have been zip-lining 300 feet in the air over the jungle; whale watching in the Pacific; exploring thousands of years old Mayan temples; watching furniture made by hand by expert craftsman, visiting tequila factories (and sampling their wares); gone four wheeling in the outback; sampled 20+ different very fine wines brought onboard the ship by our own resident sommelier; tried a fine cigar from a small island south of Miami; and about 50 other members only sessions. The networking and fun with peers is probably the best part of the trip.

So far, we've been to the Caribbean three times (Eastern, Western and Central), The Baja Peninsula / Mexican Riviera once and this coming year we're heading to Alaska. There we will see the rapidly diminishing glaciers, go dog-sledding and fishing and see native Alaskan crafts being made. we hope you'll be able join us on this epic journey.

One of our members has this to say about our Annual FFN Cruise ...

I have learned "mind blowing, light bulb" type of points that will pay for the cruise time and time over. Not only was the whole thing run superbly, but it was a blast! Wine tastings, cigar sessions with Ron, 4-wheeling through Mexico - just awesome. I can't wait for Alaska.

Carl (and Dana) R., West Palm Beach, FL  

To read more about what other FFN members say about Our Annual FFN Cruise, click [ HERE ]!

Resale Rights For
Ron LeGrand's
Fast Cash Generator
As you successfully build your Real Estate Investment career, you will find that many people will ask you how you did it. Get them started right by offering them Ron LeGrand's Fast Cash Generator course containing six audios of his all day seminar and his new book "How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire". You can buy them for $25 plus bulk shipping in quantities of 10 and resell for $69.95 each or whatever you wish. We'll supply you with a sales letter that does the selling for you. You can hand it to friends and collect and keep the $70. It won't make you rich but it can certainly pay for your membership. This is a huge benefit if you're part of a real estate group or association or if you intend to start one. When your friends ask you to teach them real estate you can simply hand them a Fast Cash Generator, collect your 70 bucks and say "Here, listen to this and you'll see how I got started and understand what I do".

One of our members has this to say about the Fast Cash Generator ...

I couldn't believe it. That package (the Fast Cast Generator) is a great door opener. I have two new bird dogs working for me now and they want to get serious about the business.

Thomas L., Fort Worth, TX  

Monthly CD
Recording Of The
Expert Hot Seat Call
Each month, we record most of our live calls except the 10 Minute 1 On 1 calls (which tend to be more personal than general) and make the recordings available to you online for you to download so you can burn your own CDs or copy them to your iPod or MP3 Player or you can just "click to listen" and hear them online. Because our Expert Hot Seat calls are such a great experience for everyone and much in demand, we make also an audio CD of each month's call and mail it along with the next month's newsletter and the calendar of events.

That way you can listen in your car or at home and build a library of these valuable interviews, any one of which could literally change the path of your business or make you $20,000 or more with one tip from Ron's hand picked experts. Most of these experts are multimillionaires and all are at the top of their respective niches.

One of our members has this to say about the Live Call CD ...

Is there anything you guys don't think of. Those CDs are great. I have them in the car and look forward each month to the next one. Thanks for everything!

Tamara P., Indianapolis, IN  

As we said at the top of the page, these are just some of the benefits that being a part of the Financial Freedom Network has to offer.  For even more reasons to become a member of FFN, please review Ron LeGrand's Personal Invitation to you to become part of our rapidly growing organization or Click Here To Apply Online Now For Your "One Month Free Trial" Membership or Click Here To Download an Application For Your "Pre-Paid Annual Membership"!